About Me


I have always been a creative person. As a kid I remember wanting to be an architect and drawing house designs with crayons. In grade school music caught my creative attention and I begged my parents to get me a guitar. Go figure they get me an acoustic when I really wanted an electric guitar just like Angus Young from AC/DC.

Through college, I continued to play guitar and write music. It was my passion. But I discovered another creative outlet during that time. Writing. While playing guitar in a band was my dream I figured a backup plan would be a good idea. In college, I majored in Mass Communications with a focus on writing. If I couldn’t make it in the band I’d make it in Hollywood as a writer!

As part of my major I took photography and videography electives. Digital cameras weren’t a thing then so it was film and video tapes (VHS…remember those????). Those classes were really fun, but they wouldn’t come into play until years later.

After graduating the band fell apart so it was time to put the backup plan into action. As with most things, it didn’t quite go as expected. While working on my resume I discovered graphic design. I was hooked. This was what I wanted to do. I eventually got a job at a small, local ad agency designing automotive newspaper ads. Gotta start somewhere.  Over the years I moved up the ad agency ladder to finally working at a large, worldwide agency.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing graphic design. I was in charge of print production. Yawn.

During this time my freelance graphic design was going exceedingly well. The internet was in its infancy and I started designing websites. This took me on the path to the big dot-com era. I was involved in various start-ups before finally going out on my own doing web development.

No touring the world with my band. No rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. No cashing in on the dot-com wave (I did get close to having a payday at least). Just me designing and building websites at home.

But what about photography????

Well, while doing the web thing I started experimenting with photography. Initially, everything I was shooting was pretty basic. Through what I thought were mistakes I began to discover the art of photography. My creative juices began simmering.

I met other photographers who helped me get better. I watched YouTube videos. I read articles. I bought video classes. Did online mentoring. And I experimented. A lot. And I still do all those things.

In a way, I am still on my journey to find my photographic voice. I love learning. I love trying new techniques. What I love most is photographing people. Not cars. Not landscapes. Not sports. People.

This is why you’re here.

The energy. The collaborating. Bringing a vision to life. And above all, the smiles from the results.

Something about my work caught your eye. Whatever it was I am very happy you found me and are interested in being a part of my photography journey. And you’ve sat and read my long-winded “about me” section.

And guess what. There’s a new side road on this journey. Video.

Let’s take the next step and set up your shoot.